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Discovering Media Literacy

In our technology-saturated world, teaching our children how to analyze and create media in all its forms should be a top priority for educators and parents.
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  • Discovering Media Literacy

Welcome to the Powerful Voices for Kids website, which is designed to expand and extend the impact of our new book, Discovering Media Literacy: Teaching Digital Media and Popular Culture in Elementary School (Corwin/Sage, 2013).
The book plus this online community gives you all the tools you need to explore digital and media literacy with children ages 5 - 12, both in and out of school.  This website also support all those who are interested in offering staff development programs to pre-service and in-service educators, as well as media professionals interested in working with children to explore media. 
Digital and media literacy is an expanded conceptualization of literacy to include not only reading and writing, but speaking, listening, viewing, creating, and sharing through all of the media in our lives. We are especially interested in how to explore mass media, popular culture and digital media with children, helping children access information, analyze media messages, create messages, reflect on our experiences with and through media, and use media and technology to make our voices heard in the world.