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In our technology-saturated world, teaching our children how to analyze and create media in all its forms should be a top priority for educators and parents.
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If you're an educator, parent or non-profit leader, email us to learn how you can join our community! These elementary and middle schools have already partnered with Powerful Voices for Kids to bring enrichment, professional development, research, and mentorship to their schools. Our partners actively contribute to the advancement of the field.

Newport Public Schools, 2014 to present

Digital Literacy Leadership Team worked with us with support from the Superintendent and Principals of the district. Catalyst Teachers in each building explored how to "start something" with digital literacy. 


Narragansett Elementary School, 2014 - 2015

Digital Literacy Leadership Team worked with us with support from the Superintendent and Principals of the district. Catalyst Teachers in each building explored how to "start something" with digital literacy. Learn more about this work here


Saint Marks School, 2013 - 2014

Working in coordination with the principal and the amazing Bonnie Nishihara, the technology director of this independent private school in Northern California, we are supporting faculty in developing a comprehensive definition and map of practices of media and information literacy in Grades K - 8. We provided both face-to-face and online coaching with Saint Mark's team, helping them develop a shared understanding of MIL through the creation of a scope and sequence for integrating MIL across the K-8 curriculum. Next up is a roadmap for implementation and assessment of media and information literacy (MIL) integration.


Russell Byers Charter School, 2007 - 2011

The Russell Byers Charter School, a public charter in Philadelphia, is the founding partner school of the Powerful Voices for Kids program, thanks to leadership from the legendary Laurada Byers. RBCS was the site of two summer enrichment programs for a total of over 150 students. It also served as a site for two Teacher Institutes and a continuing professional development program for 12 RBCS teachers, some of whom are profiled on our site. RBCS is also home to our first in-school mentor, John Landis, who is now a full-time Technology Coordinator at the school. He has been responsible for technology integration and teaching a digital and media literacy course to all students from kindergarten through sixth grade. 


Jubilee School, 2011

Jubilee School, a small independent school in West Philadelphia, worked with two in-school mentors to develop an interactive, multimedia website based on a longstanding American History and Civil Rights "alternative textbook" project. Students learned web writing and web design skills while creating entries that used images, video, and other multimedia to tell the story of American History and the Civil Rights Movement. You can see the work students completed with PVK in-school mentors at: Journey to the Center of the Twentieth Century.


Roberts Elementary School, 2010 - 2011

Grade 3 teachers from the Roberts Elementary School in Radnor Township PA worked with us on a project designed to support children's understanding of the peoples and cultures of the Middle East. Students reflected on their own understanding and stereotypes about the Middle East, explored ethnic stereotypes in movies, and worked collaboratively to gather information to learn about more than a dozen countries. They viewed and discussed Santa Claus in Baghdad and met the filmmaker to discuss how film helps people understand cutural difference. They interacted with a group of students from Kuwait using social media and shared ideas about cultlural values.

At this Radnor PA Township school, we conducted research to learn more about children's media and technology use in an effort to help parents, teachers and school leaders understand the needs of children today. An in-school mentor worked with teacher-librarian Sue Dahlstrom and other teachers who were exploring how to integrate digital media into the curriculum.